24 hours with a family documenting their life

Day in the Life Sessions are just that – a day in the life of your family. Your real family exactly the way you are on a daily basis. Laughing, playing, hugging- enjoying your favorite people in the world. Right down to the dirty faces, occasional tears, and melt downs. It’s about capturing images of your family right now, at this moment in time, and documenting how much you love one another.

Sometimes we are so busy juggling every day life, work, school and activities that we forget to take a breath and embrace how truly unique and special our family really is. Sometimes it’s nice to just slow down and freeze a few of these precious moments in time.

There is no stress about what to wear, or preparing for these sessions. They are just fun, hanging out, being the REAL you. There is NO posing during these sessions, just fun times being together. This is going to be your kids, this is going to be your family. Everything from early morning sleepy heads dragging their blanket down the hallway to bath time, teeth brushing, tickles, giggles, snuggles and bedtime stories.

These sessions isolate one day in time where years down the road your child can look back and remember how your kitchen smelled, how dad would carry them in the laundry basket, how they loved to snuggle in mom & dad’s bed. These sessions make perfect albums, and if you book one per year, they can be kept on the shelf in chronological order to grab and share or even hand down as the perfect wedding gift from parent to child.

Prices start at $750 for Day in the Life Sessions. 

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Art Soul Photography/Cathy HartmanHourly Documentary Sessions

For those families who just want to make some great pictures on location, 1 and 2 hour sessions are great.

Because I am a documentary family photographer, only 15 minutes is allotted to relaxed portraits, the rest of the time is for your family to just have fun!

I want to make pictures of your family that I would want of my own family. Always being the family photographer, it makes me a little sad to realize there are very few pictures of myself with my children growing up. Images of those precious real life interactions – those beautiful brief moments that happen organically. Images that will bring back of flood of emotions and feelings you and your family will cherish for years to come.

Prices start at $350 for Hourly family sessions.

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